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. we will show you exclusive video of a dramatic rescue after man who fell from a roof and got trapped between two buildings. why the victim is really a suspect. big rig fire stopped traffic in the santa cruz mountains overnight. "mornings on 2" begins right now. this is "mornings on 2". welcome to "mornings on 2". >> i am dave clark. >> i am core rye campbell. and -- i am tori campbell.
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>> kenyon youngstrom died last night unable to recover from a gunshot to his head during a traffic stop in alamo. we are in martinez where the memorial is growing for the father, husband and officer. >> reporter: they are asking for privacy for the officer's family so they can quote how to live tomorrow or face tomorrow without kenyon. they want to ex stress their sadness and grief. some come here leaving flowers and cards, balloons here. the chp said the gestures are noticed and they are appreciated. >> i know members have been thankful for the numerous cards and flowers and they have been left at the office. >> reporter: the chp announced his death last night outside the medical center where he was surrounded by his family and members of his law enforcement family.
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he was shot on tuesday. youngstrom was married. from everything we are told, his family and faith meant the world to him. he has two sons and two daughters. he has a four brothers and a sister and parents who live in riverside. they are grateful for the support they have been given. >> this is a life-altering for the family and hurts deeply to the core. >> reporter: officer youngstrom lived in fairfield with his family. they gathered at a park and wore blue and gold ribbons for the chp and they played. >> -- they prayed. >> the community has lost a hero. >> reporter: we are told there will and public memorial service. we don't have details for you right now. thousands of law enforcement officers are expected to come here and take part in the
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public memorial. a fund has been set up. you can donate at any wells fargo bank. officer youngstrom continues to give. he is an organize began donor and will be giving organs to eight different recipients. more information is coming out. they have been searching the home of christopher boone lacey. coming up at 7:15. the items that they have confiscated plus the reaction from a resident after learning that his next door neighbor killed a peace officer. time is 7:04. now a suspect in a car crash later had to be rescued. the man got stuck between two buildings. orchard supply hardware and a
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strip mall. jeneane delavega has more. >> reporter: it is dramatic video we will get to in a moment. he was trapped between two walls, the store and the walls. the puzzle is how he got stuck between the 18-inch gap. he was a suspect they were chasing last night he crashed his car and hid on the roof of the building. this is exclusive video we obtained from artura corona being rescued by firefighters. they were called to the orchard supply at two in morning and found corona trapped. he said two men were chasing him with a knife and fell on top of the roof and fell 0 feet to the ground. the urban search and rescue team used a rope to hoist him out. >> he had to be instructed in spanish how to put them on.
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then he was hoisted up from the fire department. >> he seems to be okay. >> he suffered minor injuries. >> reporter: police say corona lied to them about being chased by the two men. they determined he was the driver that chp was pursuing for speeding. he is going to be charged, we are told, with hit and run and evading police. he is now being treated at an area hospital for minor injuries . >> reporting live. time now is 7:05. overnight, two to seen people had to flee their homes in the mission district. this one started at 11:00 in the morning near 22nd and pharaoh streets. they were able to get the fire under control. everyone got out okay. >> we are not going to be able to go understand. will is fire damage.
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and especially from the fire. we have fire damage. and into the first one. the cause of the fire is still under investigation and people are being helped by the red cross. >> in front of a roaring crowd. bill clinton made his case for the re-election of president obama. >> one of the main reasons we ought to reelectricity president obama is that he is still committed to constructive cooperation. look at his record. >> tonight, president obama is expected to officially accept his party's nomination but at a smaller venue than originally planned. >> coming up at 77:15. we will go to charlotte and why he said president obama had it much worse hand he did. >> reporting a number of tweets from the political conventions. and interest was a total of
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360,000 tweets so far this year. twitter is close to 9 million tweets for the two conventions come pined. >> still have another day for the democratic convention and more google searches and blogs compared to 2,008. >> big rig fire shut down highway 17 last night. it was at summit road near the santa cruz mountains. the fire burned the front end of a semi and part of a hillside. but it did not breakthrough the tank holding the haul of nielt tree general. >> these refrigerated cry owe generallic tanks -- cryogenic tanks are very well insulated. >> northbound lanes were closed for three hours and didn't reason open until four this morning.
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>> we go from touring to tara. and tara knows all about the come mouth. >> we have seen traffic in the usual spots and then of course at the of bay area bridge toll plaza. >> meter lights are on and give yourself extra time this morning. >> down in the south bay. we have gridlockle here and folks on the right hand side of the screen head northbound towards 719. then on the maps. if we can take a look at those. we have an incident right here. this is an earlier accident and you can see the after effects. and that is 85 northbound as you are approaching. and give yourself of extra time there. >> we will check in with steve. thank you. couple of thunderstorms already. beautiful sunrise. there are breaks in the cloud. and it was early in the morning. came over san jose and couple
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of reports of lightning. tropical moisture moves in. and high fire danger with the strikes. hope it doesn't do too many damage here. and the pet tension is for it to continue another day and the higher clouds continue to get it funneled in. >> it is now heading off the pass. and maybe. you know, some areas could pick up rain from that. and reports of lightning. and they are active here this morning. they 10 to favor east and south. more so than yesterday. when they got in on the cloud cover and extends up to the sacramento valley. pop up showers. >> upper 40s. >> 49 degrees and mountain view. 10-degree spread. >> 51 degrees. little cool towards the north bay and hoe fog. and thunderstorms. >> and i saw a nice tweet.
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rain at the base. they will start making snow in 55 days. we are getting in that time of year and maybe for us already. we had one down towards san jose. and he continue persist the funneled up moisture and we are right over it today. >> it fairs east bay. and south bay. and we will mention it is not for everybody. >> not much change pin land. >> little bit warmer compared to yesterday. >> should see lower 80s and mid- to upper 80 informs. and seven in antioch. and 67 in allah media the and in lever more at 83 degrees. >> 80 at morgan hill. morgan hill. san martin. that's where you are in the window for most locations today's. >> pal low al toe and shares that with mountainside. cool 65. and pacifica, daly city.
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and low 60s. last couple of days. they will filter out and not going any place. it looks nice. we will look more at the storm tracker two. >> new this morning. hurricane michael. just became the seventh major storm with the hurricane season. right now. michael is out there. swirling over the atlantic. >> more than a thousand miles off the coast of portugal. it will start moving northwest over the next couple of days. they say. so far. it is a category 3 storm that right now. is posing no threat to lands. >> there are still a lot of questions about the gunman who killed the officer. what was find inside his jeep and what a dash cam reveals about the interaction. . it is the final day of the democratic national convention in charlotte. >> he speaks today and then the bar will be set high.
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"mornings on 2" continues.
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. low clouds around. high level subtropical clouds as well. it looks like it is right here. thunderstorms will favor the east and south coming up. time now is 7:14. breaking news from philadelphia. we have been telling you about this all morning long. the u.s. airways jet. and one person is in custody in connection with the flight. the plane was leaving philadelphia headed for dallas, texas and told to turn around and go back to philly. it was an anonymous tip that liquid explosive ises may be on the plane. those passengers were bussed
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away. the fbi is in control and we still don't know whether there were any explosives found and we will keep you posted on what is happening in philadelphia. 7:15. there is still disappointment at the democratic national convention for the change of venue for president obama's acceptance speech. ken pritchett is in north carolina and people are left out of the big event. good morning, ken. >> reporter: good morning. we are in the time warner cable arena and this venue was supposed to be empty today. the plan was for the crowd to speak outdoors to the crowd of 70,000 hour more. but the thunderstorms forced them to stay here in the arena which seats 20,000. that leaves a lot of people watching at home. >> it will not diminish the enthusiasm or the crowd noise.
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>> former president bill clinton experienced both. he hit republicans on the economy and explained how president obama started husband presidency with a much weaker economy than clinton had. >> no president, no president if the me, none of my predecessors could have fully repaired all the damage he found in just four years. >> we could have done better but republicans blocked the plan. costing a million new jobs. so, here is another job score. president obama plus four and a half million. congressional republicans, zero. in tampa, the argument was
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pretty sample. pretty snappy. it was something like this. we left him a total mess. he hadn't cleaned it up fast enough. fire him and put us back in. >> reporter: on concluding the speech, president obama thanked mr. clinton. we will hear from vice-president joe biden and then president obama. the president is expected to take the stage at 7:00 p.m. pacific. in charlotte, ken pritchett. >> ken, you were in tampa and charlotte. how would you compare the two conventions so far? >> reporter: well, obviously both of them were similar and weather played a key role in both of the conventions. it is difficult to determine the excitement level when you are inside the convention hall. it is something of an echo chamber. i can tell you last night was
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about the most enthusiasm i have seen in covering these conventions. republican or democrat when president clinton took to the stage. >> live from charlotte. thank you. >> you can watch him and right here on ktvu, our coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. we will also life stream the convention on oil time now is 7:18. continuing on with politics. california is a blue state favoring democrats. new york times political analyst puts president obama's chance of winning california at 99%. they are considered a sure thing for the democrats. it is still a critical place for the fundraiser. >> they raised more than $30 million of this cycle alone. more than new york, illinois combined. >> donors affiliated with the university of california, they donated half a million dollars. with google donating 350,000.
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>> 7:19. we continue the coverage now. the shoot out in alamo and into the gunman, the investigation is intensifying. they describe 36-year-old christopher boone lacey as a loaner. they are -- loner. they are going through his home near chico and police seized computers and disk drives. he did not have a criminal record and he received a master's degree in commuter science. and investigators say he battled mental illness including being bipolar. >> they were surprised by the shooting. >> caught everyone off guard. chris is quiet. kept to himself kind of guy. video is helping to show what happened up to the scene of the shooting.
7:20 am
another chp officer pulled overlaysy's jeep and then motioned for him to pull in behind the patrol car. moments late, he shot and killed officer youngstrom. >> it will and major story throughout the day, torii. >> some tropical -- tori. >> we will see what we see out the window now. his radar is lit up. he he is checking things out and where we can see storm activity throughout the morning. >> fires are still burning out of control through california. the help crews are getting from mother nature. the perfect inspiration
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for air wick's fall collection. when i smell that, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection from air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick. . time now is 7:23. california and little rain. and helping them battle a wild fear in the national forest. it is happening in the
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san gabriel mountains southeast of los angeles. the rain is coming from what is left of a tropical storm. the fire out there covers more than 4,000 acres. the firefighters hope to have it contained this time next week. >> evacuation warning is in effect for two northern california wildfires. they are about 4 miles apart along highway 16 in colusa county. this is the area of cortina rancher row may have to evacuate. they said it is only 10% contained. 3500 acres have burned so far. smoke and haze from the two fires are prompting air quality advisories in lake and colusa county today. they could range from unhealthy to hazardous depending on the wind. at, we posted more fires.
7:24 am
look for the slide shows tab on the front page. all right team now. 7:24. another accident. >> 2-car crash. possibly a head on and ultimate pass road and ambulance is on the way. it appears that the lanes there are blocked. now in the south bay. at the 280 slit. you can see traffic towards santa clara. and 880 near the oakland coliseum. if we look at that camera. it is a little sluggish and at the bay bridge toll plaza. still gridlocked. it is on and you are looking at extra 15 minutes to get into san francisco this morning. 7:25. here is steve. >> lots of low clouds around. still couple of thunderstorms popping up. we have one over san jose and one by sunnyvale. and it is 6:30 and moved out rapidly much low cloud deck. it is not going to change much.
7:25 am
subtropical moisture and any lightning strikes will be high fire danger. he is up there in beautiful bridge port. >> it looks like another active days for those and in the sierra, nevada for us. it is pretty good and looks like a thunderstorm clicking around the reservoir south of highway 84 and south of livermore. >> 40 to 50. little chill in the morning air. it is 44 up in clear lake and retrograding. and it is turning off the sub topical highway and some of that cloud cover gets up here. >> it is the last day. we will keep thunderstorms in the forecast. >> yesterday, it was everybody. today, again, it is more east and south. >> little warmer inland after yesterday we had lots of 70s. >> there is a widespread and some of the temps dealing with too many fog and -- with too
7:26 am
much fog. >> all right. thank you, steve. 7:26 a fire in santa rosa left several people homeless this morning. how the red cross is helping the victims. a man found shot to death. how family members describe the victim. ññ
7:27 am
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. 7:29. oakland police are investigating this shooting. alex savidge spoke to the family and to tell us what he is learning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: relatives tell me the young man gunned down was 24 years old. oakland police still working to find his killer. family members told me the victim in the case happens to and grandson of a former mayor of emoryville. they industry him as generous and kind-hearted. he was found shot to death this morning. the crime scene shut down macarthur boulevard for several hours. >> they were telling officers the victim in the case was his son. meantime they searched the area looking for evidence in the case. they focused in on a black jet at that. so far oakland police have not officially identified the victim in the case and then
7:30 am
don't have a good description on the shooter. i have reached out several times to the spokesperson for more information on the investigation. so far, i have not heard back. >> live this morning in oakland. >> ktvu news. in other overnight news. eight people are homeless after an overnight fire. it started in a duplex on flower avenue last night. took five minutes to put the fire out. one of the units was destroyed and the other was severely damaged. >> you know, it is purely stental but we don't know what caused it. >> luckily no one was hurt. the families are being helped by the red cross. >> time now is search continues today for a missing college student who disappeared from a beach along the sacramento river. brent olsen is a cal poly
7:31 am
student. he was last seen at the beach during a float down the river. they are scouring the area and passing out flyers. you see husband pictures here. friends have set up a facebook page for olsen. and there are 47,000 followers. volunteers spelled out the word hope. this is during a vigil for a missing teenager. >> it is six months suns the 15-year-old was last seen. family members and friend show the candles showing feelings of hope that she will be found. >> garcia torres was arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of sierra. >> they are calling on police to open up an investigation into the death of a new york woman who died more than 19 years ago. the victim is the former girlfriend of 51-year-old gary swirsky, he was just sentenced
7:32 am
to 25 to life had for the murder of his ex-wife in 2,005. prosecutors say he strangled his wife and dumped her body in the mountains. they are focusing on his ex-girlfriend who died in 1993. her death was ruled as an accidental drowning. but investigators say it appeared to be highly suspicious. they left a 2-year-old dog tied up on the side of busy highway. a gray and white pit bull was tied to a mile marker on highway 152 near the fairground in watsonville. the dog has no identification tags or microchip. it was abandoned without shelter, food or water. if you have any information about the dog. call the santa cruz shelter. some things didn't go smoothly for party leaders when
7:33 am
they were drafting the official platform. >> i will do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> and the palm beach of the chair 2/3 voted in the arm give. the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. >> well, you saw it yourself. despite on suggestion, democrats reuncerted references to god and named jerusalem in the party platform. >> jerusalem as the official name there. the vote is getting criticism because they say it is impossible to tell if more people were voting or or against the changes in the platform. >> later on tonight, above will
7:34 am
officially accept the democratic party's nomination for re-election. the economy is expected to be a big part of what he is talking about. >> what president obama will find out before he takes the stage. and it may effect the tone of his speech. 7:34. former medical marijuana entrepreneur used his political relationship to grow his pot business. dar man was behind the we grow. man rubbed shoulders with community leaders who wanted to tax pot to make money for oakland. he used connections from his parent's cab company, the largest in oakland. he is indicted on charges of defrauding the city in redevelopment grants. a recent crack counsel on marijuana is revealing the extent of operations across the eastern region. they uprooted more than a million plants. they were on public lands.
7:35 am
the street valley of the marijuana was one and a half billion dollars. they were conducted in july and august. and including california, oregon and arizona. time now is 7:35. form are alameda supervisor now facing drug and child endangerment charges in the county. she was high and in possession of methamphetamines when she was arrested at her home in orange county last week. she was charged with child endangerment. because they were found in the room she shares with her 9-year-old son. she has pleaded not guilty. she is due back in court on monday. earlier this year, she resigned as souper visor. she is in the middle of a divorce from the state treasurer bill lochlear. >> they want a survey on line. rank muni on safety, reliable
7:36 am
and cleanliness of the stations. >> asked about bicycle and pedestrian safety in san francisco. the results will be on line. we have a link to the survey. >> go to and scroll down on the front page. the cable car bell ringing contest is being held in san francisco today. this is an amateur competition followed by the main competition. it starts at noon at union square. >> two lawsuits have been filed to try to stop the village project in albany. it is a 6-acre uc berkeley very many. it is at monroe avenue. it is a whole foods market and senior citizen housing on the property. the lawsuits are claiming the environmental impact report is not valid. it also says the city's approval for the project should
7:37 am
be thrown out. traffic is already banned and the 288 inter change near the mall and the san jose valley line. they will take a vote today on hiring a contractor to you mean prove the dated interchange. construction could clog the area even more. we have $65 million project that will start in october. it will take about two and a half years to finish. >> all right. speaking of 880, tara tells us, it is looking pretty bad. >> little messy. we see back up there in the morning. right around this time and this is no exception. it shows slow speeds from hayward and you can take a look right there. >> give yourself some extra time. >> near the bridge nearby. a little bit foggy out will and no delays at the toll plazaen a the span looks clear as you make your way over to the city
7:38 am
there. >> not the case at the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights are on. and once you get passed the metering lawsuits and mudway across the span. give yourself extra 10 to 15 minutes. we will check in with steve. >> lots of tropical clouds again and reports of showers and thunder showers and wouldn't be surprised if we have nice rainbows today. seen over the city yesterday. it could happen. there is still subtropical clouds and moving in so far as yesterday. >> it is all the way into mendocino county. few sprinkles and today, it seems to be more towards the east and the south. it is very close. between tracy and livermore there. that one right there developed over san jose. and moved out over the reservoir and towards the pass. even this early in the morning we are getting reports of pop up showers.
7:39 am
it seems to be livermore. fremont. and santa cruz mountains shout. and everyone is cross. >> 49 to 59. everyone else in between. the county airport and cool readings to the north. and another active day up in the sierra nevada and towards the mother load and in san joaquin valley. funneled up around the high and the low. looks like the low is responsible for moving so far away it will kind of dry up the source tomorrow. still today, mainly east and south. possibility of thundershowers. little warm inland. showers and possible sun and showers. 50s for a few and # 0s for a lot. still on the warm side and from the coast. brentwood in there. and 67, and martinez. and hayward. 68 and 82 degrees. san jose at 76. little warmer towards cupertino and santa cruz, very low 80s
7:40 am
and definitely closer to the thunderstorm activity than most. 50s. 60s on the coast and on the peninsula. menlo park and very nice there. higher clouds getting out. they are scooting away from the area. it looks like night morning fog. nice pattern there. thank you. west nile virus cases have reached record-breaking numbers. there are nearly 2,000 confirmed reports. it is the worse outbreak of the virus since the illness was discovered. they said the number of confirmed cases rose 25% in the last week. california has 55 confirmed cases and two deaths. officials say a mild spring. hot summer and heavy rains in some areas contribute to this year's increases. neighborhoods in cease stern contra costa county will be fogged. this shows the map that will be
7:41 am
treat discovery bay and byron. and it will continue to 11:00 p.m. weather permitting. it is aimed at controlling the population. mosquito and bird san mateo samples in the area tested positive within the last week. much anticipated program has been unveiled this morning by the european central bank. that is not the only good news impacting wall street. two local men are suing in and out burger. the problem they have with the hiring policy.
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7:44 am
. u.s. stocks posting strong gains. they took a long a waited step in the debt crisis. taking a live look and it is up 217. the nasdaq is up 50. s&p is 23. all the markets are up. one and 2/3rd% right now. what is exactly that step. they will start buying the government bonds of the 17 countries that use the euro. that is expected to help keep down the borrowing rate as a fully effective back stop. bank residents said they will have the same status as other bond buyers. if the country defaults on the bond, the european central bank would take losses as well. >> labor department announced first time unemployment claims dropped. 365,000 filed jobless claims. but down 12,000 from the week
7:45 am
before. most economists had expected the decline of 1,000. it is a sign hiring could improve soon and the monthly jobs report will be released. >> president obama is delivering his acceptance speech and alison burn assist live in the washington d.c. news room to explain the big secret he is taking with him to the stage. alison? >> reporter: tori, the president is going to know the latest i don't knows report and the rest of us won't learn about it until tomorrow morning. we know the unemployment number it is could have a pier impact on the election more than anything president obama says tonight. he joins former president's bill clinton after his speech last night. the two had the cloud roaring as they hugged on staining. clinton called on the country to keep president obama on the job and blasted mitt romney's economic philosophy. >> we simply cannot afford to give the reins of government to
7:46 am
someone who will double down on trickle town. >> here is the delegation casting votes for the nomination. there will be a full line up of democratic players. including joe biden and possibly former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. repoing ve. alison burns. >> time now is 7:46. new this morning. russian president vladimir putin said russia can work with mitt romney if he is elected president. he said it despite the the statement that russia is the number 1 foe of the united states. putin said he will work with whoever is elected but his effort will be as efficient as his partners want it to be. >> speaking of mitt romney. secret service reports are
7:47 am
investigating the report that romney's tax records were stolen. >> they are the records that he refused to release despite the pressure. >> a letter was sent to the accounting firm demanding $1 million to keep the records secret. the letter reportedly said they were stolen late last month during a watergate style break in. >> they are investigating a robbery that looks like something out of a hollywood movie. they kidnapped a bank manager from her area home and strapped what appears to and bomb to her chest and then drove her to the bank. made her remove all the money from the vault and instructed her to toss the money outside to them. >> there were other employees inside and she explained to them what was happening. and showed them the device that was strapped to her body.
7:48 am
a robot blue up the device. it did not appear to be a bomb. the suspects got away with the money and avoided security cameras. they are trying to interview the bank manager to learn more about the two men. this is an incredible story you will see only on two. >> pam cook now has the exclusive video of a theft in progress. >> why they are confident they will catch their man. pam? >> a string of break ins at the apartment complex in the heart of a popular south bay neighborhood and they need your help. they have this. surveillance video. catching a thief in the act. it shows the man lurking around the parking garage and the onyx condos in campbell. then he breaks into the car. one storage area was broken into. >> i was shocked needless to
7:49 am
say. i was moving in to some place that although i heard that they had some problems and but, you never really expect it to go out and see your storage and expect yours to be hit. >> because they have some problems. the only moneyers association spent $40,000 for new alarms and surveillance camera to keep the area safe. the video is very clear. shows the burglar's face very clearly as he runs through the garage with a handful of stolen items. they are asking anyone who recognizes the suspect to call police. >> in the next hour tf "mornings on 2". we will hear from a police officer with some good advice for all of us to help you avoid becoming a burglary victim. >> i am pam cook. we will go back over to pam and
7:50 am
tori. >> he showed up with pink hair and face make up resembling the joker. >> the 21-year-old manmade no threats and had no went opinions and was cooperating with the investigator the it caused concerns because of a massacre at a movie theater last month. >> two oakland men are suing in and out burger for discrimination. >> they applied for jobs in san francisco and oakland and their lawsuit claims they are suit believe for the job and they were not hired because they are african-american and older than 40. they recruits and employs young and nonafrican-american workers. >> the restaurant chain denies that it discriminates in the hiring policies. >> we have some new information. and it is the refiner fire. what happened minutes before the fire. >> the legal battle involving an ice cream company and
7:51 am
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. welcome back. san rafael now joining another city in endorsing a resolution discouraging local markets from selling the beverages. marin county passed a similar resolution in may. they make up small percentage of sales and huge percentage of underage drinking. ben and jerry's ice cream considers ben and cherry's, well, it is bad taste according to them. the ice cream maker sued the maker of ben and cherry's x rated dvds. they said the pornographic films ruined its reputation as a wholesome company. we are learning more about
7:54 am
massive chevron refinery fire in richmond. there was a nash fire 10 minutes before the larger fire started on august 6th. >> they are abeliasing a white cloud when firefighters poured water on the smaller fire. >> they made and submitted to contra costa. there are problems, right, tara. >> yes, 680 from concord and down toward alamo is pretty bad. look at it from the cameras. see how slow it on the right hand side of screen. there are no accidents and just some good old fashioned traffic, i guess. >> another traffic hot spot. >> 280 on brake lights. bumper to bumper. >> northbound towards highway 17. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> it is slow going.
7:55 am
>> and also, very sluggish as you approach the toll plaza as well. >> we will head over to ski. >> there are tropical clouds east and south and few showers popped up and san jose has a good thunderstorm about 6:30 this morning. you will show you in a second. still one more day of subtropical moisture and the fire danger is ap. it is not as high as yesterday and also up in the sierra nevada, you see the tropical clouds and they favor out towards livermore. san jose. and points east. not so much to the north. which is under clear skies. >> it is understand beth el island. tracy. and east livermore. went over the altamonte pass and there could be easily others as they develop out by santa cruz as well. they haven't changed much all
7:56 am
day long. >> one thunderstorm activity to be up today. and afternoon heating could fire up a few here. >> little warmer. >> too much fog on the coast. 50s, 60s. there. and possibility of showers and/or thundershowers. and looks like more sunshine. with the weekend in view. >> kind of a quiet pattern. and cool for others. >> some san francisco late poles are in the spotlight. >> why they haven't happen as to who they say should fix them. >> you are taking a live look as the flag here was raised to half staff. and in honor of as this family mourns the loss of one of their own. we will show you exclusive you had video of a san jose man who fell from a roof and got
7:57 am
trapped between two walls. why he was hiding from police. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
7:58 am
. welcome back. i am tori campbell.
7:59 am
>> i am dave clark. we start this hour with the shootout. kenyon youngstrom died last night from his wounds in the shootout. claudine wong is live in martinez now where a memorial honoring kenyon youngstrom is growing. >> reporter: certainly it is one of many difficult days ahead. we have seen people coming here to martinez, to the officer where officer youngstrom worked and they are leaving flowers and candles. they want to express their sadness with a card, a flower or a balloon. i want to show you some video we took in the last few minutes. members of the chp came out and raising it to half staff. >> it will be raised across the state in honor of the life and service of kenyon youngstrom. it was a formal ceremony with people who work here. and raising the hand in salute as they watched three officers
8:00 am
raise the flag. a sad day today as they grief grief the loss of one of their own. >> news that he died was last night. he was on life support since he was shot on tuesday. the 37-year-old served in the army reserves. broughted from the academy in 2,006. he came back to the office just last month. youngstrom was married with two young sons and daughters. he leaves behind four sisters and a brother and his parents. >> this is a tragedy that effected us all deeply to the core. >> reporter: officer youngstrom lived in fairfield and members of that community held a vigil. some of the children there go to school with his chirp. they are finding ways to express their sadness. >> i would want to say that i am sorry what happened. and i really care about what
8:01 am
happened. >> reporter: officer youngstrom, even in death continues to give. he is an organ donor. and eight recipients will receive his organs. they are waiting for the officials. thousands of law enforcement officers are expected to attend. >> a fund is it up for the family at wells fargo. in the meantime. they are looking at one of the ways people are trying to express grief. that is from the high school. written thank you for all you do and you are in our thoughts. live here. claudine wong. >> thank you, claudine. >> we have more information about the gunman. 36-year-old christopher boone lacey was a loner. forensic teams are searching his home they are chico, computers and disk drives. they have already been seized. >> he didn't have a criminal record. he was diagnosed as bipolar.
8:02 am
>> it shows officer youngstrom on the side. and there was a dead deer. another chp officer pulled over his jeep nor an obstructed license plate. >> moments after he motioned for him to pull over and then he shot him. they recovered a semi automatic gun. two ammo clips and a knife inside of his jeep. 8:02. new this morning, a suspect in a car crash became a victim when he fell from a roof in san jose and had to be rescued. the man got lodged in a tight space between orchard supply hardware and strip mall and east capital expressway. >> janine delavega joins us. >> reporter: they tell us the victim is a suspect.
8:03 am
that the chp was chasing on the 101 last night. we just learned that man has a warrant for a suspended license and that's why it drove him to hide on top of the roof from the orchard supply. they tell he was he was jumping from one roof to another roof and he fell 20 feet to the ground and got stuck in between the two walls. >> this is exclusive video. he was rescued by firefighters. >> only crew on scene. they were called to the expressway and found corona trapped. any were chasing him and climbed on top of the roof to hide. >> he tried calling a family member and couldn't get him out. >> going down the side.
8:04 am
>> they had it call 911. >> it took the fire department search and rescue 90 minutes. they used a rope with wrist lets to hoist him out. corona told him that he lied about being chased by the two men. he made the connection that he was the drive and he was pursuing last night for speeding and crashed into another car and ran from the scene and then ended up here at the orchard supply. he is now being treated for a minor injury. police tell us that he will be arrested for hit and run. and for evading police. >> reporting live from san jose. >> janine delavega, channel 2 news. 13 hikers were rescued this morning. they and pood to be okay after being lost in the mountains. >> they wandered off the trail near highway 35. rescue teams were called to search for them and authorities from the sheriff's department were found around 2:00 a.m.
8:05 am
>> they had to battle thick brush to get the group of hikers out of the area. >> time is 8:05. in santa cruz county, they want your help to catch a man they say tried to grab a 16-year-old girl in boulder creek. take a look right here. the girl said she was getting off the bus at 11:00 p.m. july 26th when a man tried to grab her from behind and was only tried to grab her hair. she screamed and he went to the white toyota truck and drove off. >> they are busing in protestors to a very important meeting. it is starting right about now. >> county committee is expected to vote on how to spend $19 million in state corrections funding. >> 3 million would go to expanding the jail in richmond. >> the critics want the money spent on rehab programs. >> the board of soup veer visors will take up the
8:06 am
radiation concerns next week. >> they want to know what the city is getting into as it prepares to take over and develop treasure island. recent report by the east bay express suggest that the former naval station is nor contaminated than previously thought. the board's hearing is set for tuesday. some of san francisco's decorative street lamps are in pretty bad shawn. >> there are more than 200 street lamps in the theater and financial district. >> today's chronicle reports that strong gusts of wind knocked two of them down. >> no one was hurt. but a building was damaged. >> a park ban was crashed. >> bark may not look 40 years old -- bart is 40. >> we will talk about bart right now. in honor of bart and the operation, they want to hear from you as they are
8:07 am
celebrating the operation. they are collecting old photographs and memorabilia of years passed to display in the different part stations. they are asking you to keep an eye out for old bart maps and photos from the 1970s and they wore bell bottom uniforms. believe it or not. if you have old photos e-mail them to bart for the 40th anniversary and to bart got gove or post it on their pinterest account. >> it will be interesting. >> yes. >> we will check in with marin county. >> the past week, it is quiet on 101 through san rafael and not this morning. past 10 minutes it has gotten -- gotten congested. that is southbound towards san francisco. you are definitely going to need to give yourself extra time. this ex tens for a couple of miles here. up next, look at 880
8:08 am
northbound. there is the coliseum. little foggy out there. and slow going on the right hand side of the street. on 237 as you make your way towards san jose ansu. it is stop and go. 8:08. we will check in with steve. >> thank you. and good morning. still plenty going on. mainly south and east and clearing up to the north and cool readings in the low to mid-40s and mendocino county and thunderstorms rumbled by this morning. did i hear thunder in san jose. yes, you did. and also out towards the reservoir and towards the altamonte pass. again, the clouds covered the entire area. so far they are staying towards the south bay and santa clara and out towards stockton and there is one little system north of tracy there. that seems to be the active one
8:09 am
so far. >> we have them developing again and you are more in line towards san jose or anywhere else. >> they have been stuck all morning long and knocking on the thermometer. it is changing. >> it is a little low out here and farther away it gets and the highway which brings in the clouds for atmosphere. you won't be able to do it any more. they are treatmenting up and possible more sun for inland areasle and come up a little bit. sun and cloud. temperatures today. 50s. 60s. 70s. 80s. widespread here. and 62 and 75. sonoma. and petaluma 74. and have good gusts and felt a breeze there. i haven't talked about this morning. >> 73 in castor valley and berkeley is in there. and right along the pleasant
8:10 am
hill. and morgan hill. gill roy to low 80s and 70 in san mateo. and around redwood shores and menlo park. palo alto and mountain view. and 56 is on the coast and city. too much fog. little bit more sunshine and less tropical clouds as we go know the weekend. maybe warmer one day, cooler the next. extreme won't be there. 49er's head coach john harbaugh, a proud father. his wife gave birth to a healthy 8 pounds 8 ounce baby named jack junior. named after his dad. the birthday could mean good things for the 49ers. >> i think it is a sign of good luck to come. jack junior being born on the fourth day of the ninth month.
8:11 am
everybody. >> this is the sixth child for he and his wife. they open the season sunday in green bay against the packers and he said jack junior arrived 10 days early because he knew how important the first nfl game is. >> form are nfl team owner art modell died in baltimore. fans and family remember -- family members mourn the loss of the 87-year-old who is best known for relike caughting the cleveland browns to baltimore. they later became the ravens. he was an own are for four decades and key figure getting games televised on monday night. he died peacefully at john hop can i pleases hospital. they pledged $30 million for medical research. the announcement came on the same day a study was released showing football players are more likely to develop alzheimer's and lou gherig's disease. quarterbacks and running backs
8:12 am
are at the greatest risk. the money pledged by the league will go to the leading research agency. >> they get hit so often. >> a lot of players are concerned about. >> that is 8:12. a naked teenager robbed and shot. what police say they found there at the crime scene. >> i grant barack obama to be the next president of the united states. >> a rousing feature by the former president bill clinton. how he claims the country is not better when compared to four years ago. i like to score
8:13 am
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8:14 am
8:15 am
. new showers from the altamonte pass. former precedent stole the stage last night at the democratic convention while another became the democratic nominee for president. our reporter sandra endo joins us at the center. you will tell us more what is happening there tonight. sandra? >> reporter: that's right a big night for democrats here tonight. and the night belongs to president obama. expect to hear more specifics. his campaign said he will expand on the theme laid out pay the democratic presses sore when bill clinton fired up this
8:16 am
debate. >> former president bill clinton made a forceful endorsement of president obama on the day two of the democratic national convention. >> i want barack obama to be the next president of the you state. >> he spoke for 48 minutes. making the case that mr. obama should pass ford for the next four years. voters aren't better off now than four years ago. >> no president, not me. not any of my president dioecies sores could have repaired all the damage in just four years. >> we are obviously having some technical problems from charlotte, north carolina. sandra endo will have more about what is happening. you can watch the speecheses by vice-president joe biden and
8:17 am
president obama's acceptance speech right here. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. we are going to live stream the convention on >> time is now 8:17. the ruling allows police who are enforcing other laws to question the immigration status of people they suspect in the country illegally. now proponents liked the discussion. the law is dice sieve and pave the way for discrimination and racial profiling. they have passed similar measures. >> the psychiatrist who is accused of killing 13 army soldiers during the rampage in 2009. roll be back in court today. he ordered him to shave off his beard. he was first told to shave. because his beard is a
8:18 am
violation of army's grooming standards. his beard is an expression of his muslim faith. >> it is 8:18. a naked teenager was robbed and shot along the american river in sacramento. it happened at 3:00 p.m. yesterday. a law enforcement helicopter helped track him and take him into custody. >> they found a pill bottle filled with bullets. the names of the suspect and the victim are not yet released. >> a terminal had to be evacuated at the international airport. they were cleared out of terminal b when smoke was spotted coming out of an elevator shaft. hydraulic fluid overheated and lasted 45 minutes. nobody missed their flight. >> time now 8:19. amazon isn't giving out numbers
8:19 am
yet. shoppers here in california are doing a lot of heavy duty shopping now. they are trying to avoid paying sales tax. >> amazon has to start collecting sal california sales tax beginning november 15th. depending on where you live, you have to pay seven and a quarter percent to almost 10% tax. >> they hope to take in $80 million a year from sales tax, from amazon allen. >> there are rumors. >> new roux mom aves what apple will reveal next thursday. so some a.m. lists will say for weeks. it will show off the next generation iphone. some believe there will be a smaller version of the ipad. one blog will be at least two new versions of the ipod. and it will vary in size as well as color. as usual, apple makes no comment. >> it is 80:00 this morning.
8:20 am
many tech analysts expect to see a new tablet computer. they will announced a new version of the kinle. it and nouned it sold out of the kinle fire and it is one of the smaller tablets and they say. it is unlikely. it is getting out of the tablet business. >> the new ipad app is ready to download. watch all the newscast live and video of breaking news. anywhere and any time. >> very clean. >> it is. >> really good. >> time now is 8:20. one new report that pg&e and had a seven month investigation concluded by whistle blowers. >> 101 through san jose looking good at this hour. we will look at the bay area bridges coming up. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
8:21 am
8:22 am
within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. ♪
8:23 am
nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. now try our new crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter bar. . 8:23. california has handed pg&e an important victory. they conclude the utility did not cut corners over welding pipelines in san bruno. pg&e were accused of welding pipes that were heavily core road. some whistle blowers say it didn't comply with state and federal investigations. after months of investigation, they could not find any instances supporting the claims. >> our work was exemplary and
8:24 am
had no issues whatsoever. >> m.d. and e is announcing it implemented the most important out of the safety board. they include notifying 911 immediately. constant trouble shooting and periodic drills. >> all right. tori, pg&e crews will be out and they will be in the area of hillside boulevard and holly avenue. along genehave a avenue. and they say the smell will go away pretty quick and should not be harmful. time is 8:25 now. you are busy out there tara. >> we do have moments out there. and it is slow going westbound, about halfway across the span. at the golden gate bridge. we don't have any delays. there you can see a pretty
8:25 am
shot. >> it is moving along nicely. >> no problems at the toll plaza. >> we have sun to the north. north bay. and south, i just tweeted. it is from tracy, livermore. santa cruz mountains and they usually start to disappear and it is on the coast. i guess, mother nature is is not listening. >> and the tropical clouds. see how they favor more towards the south pay and also east bay to the north. nothing developed in the afternoon. we will see a repeat performance. and they many it stays cool by the coast. >> stockton. altamonte pass and also near beth el and shower activity and it is 6:30 this morning. things have quieted down. we will have one more day of the showers. and little show going on up there. >> it is not as good as
8:26 am
yesterday. little warmer ininland and north bay should warm up due to the fact that you have more sun. >> it is a few thundershowers and it is very quiet here and they will have night morning and it looks nice with the weekend always in view. >> time now is 86:00. >> now under investigation, -- how they are getting help after they had to flee their homes. a young man gunned down and how his relatives are describing the victim to me. this morning and what they are asking the public to do. >> very special gift for a local service member coming home after being wounded in action.
8:27 am
just 3 easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. it removes 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
8:28 am
8:29 am
. good morning, there is west macarthur boulevard. oakland police headquarters now to tell us what we know know -- now know about the victim. >> i talked with the victim members and they say they are simply devastated as you can imagine by what they describe as a senseless murder. now oakland police have not identified the victim here and the relatives. told me the young man who was shot is andrew meshal. and he was found shot to death right near market street just after 2:00 in the morning. i talked with his grandmother who raised him and she told me that he was generous and kind. >> he was, i don't know. he was a good child.
8:30 am
sweet child. i don't know why somebody would kill him. i am sorry. relatives told me a little about the background of the victim. he was the grandson of robert lee savage, the first black mayor of emoryville. he was at a friend's house last night or early in the morning when he was shot right there in the middle of the street. the motive is still unclear. i talked with his aunt a short time ago. she can't understand why anyone would target the young man. he stayed out of trouble. >> he had no business getting shot. >> there is no reason why. and he is not a violent person and he is not a thug. he is not out there selling drugs and he is a person that is trying to help everybody do right. >> all morning long, investigators were focusing in on a black jet at that that was
8:31 am
parked right near the body. right near macarthur boulevard and they have not given us any good description on the shooter they are looking for or the getaway car in this morning's crime. this is frustrating for the family and they are hoping witnesses would come forward and tell police what they saw. if they were anywhere near where the shooting took place. they are confident this murder will be involved. >> al look savidg. , channel 2 news. also over newt. they had to flow their homes after a fire in the mission district. started around 1:00 this morning. and near two # and fair oaks street. firefighters were able to get it uncontrol in 30 minute and everyone was able to make it out okay. >> they will go back inside and see the fire damage. we have fire damage.
8:32 am
>> the cause of the fire is still being investigated, about 26 poem are now being helped by the red cross. >> time is now 8:32. highway 17 is open again after being shut down in both directions by a big rig fire. it was carrying liquid nitrogen, the cab of the truck melted. this caught fire last night. the highway near summit road was closed. we talk to another wig rig driver who was stranded because he couldn't turn his truck around. >> i am waiting to pass the accident. >> so, i have been here over three hours already. >> that fire burned part of the hillside as well and did not breakthrough the tank of the truck which is again carry recipientsing liquid nitrogen and caused traffic back ups during the night and no one was hurt. >> happening now. a special gift for a wounded service member.
8:33 am
flags are hanging outside the homes of base housing at move fit field in mountain view. this is a live picture from one of the homes. can you see some home depot folks will and the service member brian jergens, he lost both legs and suffered head trauma in afghanistan. so this morning a nonprofit group along with military veterans and home depot associates are volunteering their time to build a new outside railing and ramp for his home as well as expanding the bathroom. >> he is grateful for the help and support of strangers. >> they are here to help me. and i need some. >> he and his wife have lived at the home since january. because he received medical treatment in palo alto.
8:34 am
it was critical for the family to find a place close to the rehabilitation center while at the same time accomodate for his physical needs. >> a lighter story. a bay area cat that ended up at a casino is reno is and that he is the owner. ponyo was in or on one of the neighbor's cars just before the neighbors left for reno last months and hitched a ride to circus circus casino, 020 mile it is away. a parking valet saw him in the parking lot and took him to animal control. they did fine a micro chip understand her skin and called the owner. she drove to reno and got her cat and brought her home. >> safely home. >> good news. >> check in with tara. lots of traffic on this thursday morning. >> we haven't had many accidents and we have had a lot
8:35 am
of traffic everywhere in the typical areas that we see. if we look at the maps right now. we can show you one area now in san jose. this is moved to the center. and it is causing some delays in the area. up next. we have a look at # 80, you can see -- 280. you can see it is slow going and towards santa clara. and at the bay bridge toll plaza. it seems to have eased up a little built here. and traffic is slow going halfway across the span. give yourself extra time. >> check in about steve. >> thank you very much. >> for some. there is sun. and there is fog. even for a few, there are some high clouds and couple of showers. >> not as active. tomorrow morning and before it is 6:30 and it just accelerated out towards the pass. subtropical moisture comes in and more towards south bay and east bay. high fire danger because of the
8:36 am
lightning strikes which we don't need. it will be in line for more us. possibly of thunder showers and numerous lightning strikes yesterday's. >> hadn't seen it change all morning long. it is altamonte pass and then the santa clara mountains. and with that clearing. upper 40s and 50s and fog on the coast and bay as well. >> see the line again. nothing too much. and just stretching the east of morgue gone bay and out towards stockton and tracy. staying in the line. and up in clear lake. 61 in antiochle and temperatures haven't changed -- antioch and hadn't changed too much. it is towards napa the last couple of hours here. still up in the is he era nevada and subtropical moist your for one more day and it loses its highways which is a couple of systems funneling in.
8:37 am
and mainly south and east. and they are out of the picture by tomorrow. >> couple of showers and thunder showers to the south and east. and 60s, 70s and 80s and brentwood eight #. and ever p pleasant ton in there. 68. and alameda. and berkeley 77. 70 in santa cruz. and low 80s in gill roy. woodside, 74. menlo park at 73. san bruno 65. and upper 60s in the area. 50s and 60s on the coast. fog still about with us. late in the season. more sun. and kind of a quiet pattern. >> speaking of weather, thank you, steve. >> 8:38. hurricane michael is now the seventh major storm of the hurricane season.
8:38 am
right now michael is in the atlantic more than 1,000 miles off portugal. it will move northwest. miami's national hurricane center said so far the category 3 storm poses no threat to land. time now is 8:38. new troubles for a former medical marijuana entrepreneur who used his political connections in oakland to build his business. he started a business called we grow. referred to as some as the walmart of weed. he interacted with city leaders who wanted to tax pot. he used connections of his parent's cab company which is the largest one in oakland. he has been indicted on charges of defrauding the city out of $44,000 and redevelopment grants. recents federal crackdown on marijuana is revealing the extent of operations across the
8:39 am
western region. they uprooted more than a million plants. 2/3rds of the plants were on public land. >> the street value is estimated at one and a half billion dollars. they were conducted back in july and august. in states that included california, oregon and arizona. >> nittive plant is now on the federally endangered of species list. >> it is thought to be ex ticket until one shrub was discovered during a road work project. >> it was moved into the presidio for protection. >> they could set aside four more and mount davidson as critical habitat in an effort to help them recover. time now is 8:40. caught on video. a series of break ins happening at a condo complex in campbell watch we are seeing now and latest burglar captured on
8:40 am
tape. >> the campaign is for the state donating the most money. >> kenyon youngstrom, how the chp is doing and who is coming to pay their respects.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
. financial markets are soaring. they are support the struggling countries in the region by buying golf bonds. take a look at the big board. the dow is up 2%. and 35 points and nasdaq is up 59. s & p is up 25. it is the last day of the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolinaful and tonight, president obama delivers his acceptance speech. we are live in the washington d.c. newsroom with more on why it is bill clinton's speech everyone seems to be talking about. >> nearly 6,000 words and detailed analysis of government policy. but analysts are saying this morning washing a stirring argument for president obama.
8:44 am
>> he was officially nominated last night with the help of the california delegation. >> california cast 609 votes for president. >> the president took the stage after bill clinton's speech last night and the former president used his message to rid duly republicans. they he trod to make this last week in tampa. >> we left him a total mess. >> he hadn't cleaned it up fast enough. fire him and put us back in. >> one very big disappointment at the convention is the fact that president obama has had to move his big speech from outdoors at bank of america stadium to inside the convention hall tonight. thousands of people who wanted to see him are not going to be getting in. he is expected to hold a conference call with them later today. >> reporting live, from washington d.c., alison burns.
8:45 am
tkvu, channel 2 news. california is long considered a deeply blue state favoring democrat states. and the political a.m. lists put president obama at the chances of winning california at 99%. >> it is considered a sure thing for the president's. and besides the 55 electoral votes, there are the millions in campaign contributions. >> and raised more than $30,000 in california for the election. >> that is more than the second and third states. >> new york and illinois combined. >> they are affiliated with the university of california. and they have half a million with going it willle donating. within 50,000. >> we have other top stories for you. >> update on breaking news, we would kill you about. >> u.s. airway aves jet.
8:46 am
>> it was on its way to texas, he was a victim of a hoax. >> someone called. and said a pink had a bomb on board. they are forced to return to philadelphia. investigators say no explosives were found. >> forensic of teams were searching the home of christopher boone lacey. >> he lived in rural town. they seized computers and disk drives. while he didn't have much of a criminal if record. >> he did battle mental illness. including being degree no, sir dollars. >> and this is for slain officer kenyon youngstrom. he died from the injuries that happened in the shoot out in alamo on tuesday. there was a candlelight vigil held p. >> and the tributes to him.
8:47 am
consider. > across the state, you will see flags like this one flying half staff in honor of kenyon youngstrom. three of his officers came outside the field office, to raise the flag in honor of his service and sacrifice. >> others came out and raised their hand and saluted. >> the grief over his death is not being felt by those who knew hum. >> who loved him and worked alongside him. flowers, food and cart. >> one person told us of she was just trying to find a way to say thank you. and had tears in her eyes as she thought about the family he leaves behind. >> he intent his life. >> doing things to help people. it made us all stop and think. >> the chp has asked for privacy for officer youngstrom
8:48 am
and his family. >> his parents. four brothers and one sister. >> they are groving together as they learn to face tomorrow without kenyon. >> it is set up and plans as you said are being made for the public memorial. >> and they are expecting law enforcements from across the country. >> claudine wong. >> channel 2 new persist. >> it is a series. of safe and quiet neighbor. >> it is in our newsroom with what you see on two. >> this neighbors frighting back. >> they are south of sarge. and they are taking action. and they need your help. they do have this. surveillance video. >> catching a thief in the act. it shows him lurking around the
8:49 am
of garage. just behind the prune yard shopping center. >> he backs into a railroad. >> police have good advice for all of us. >> a lot of people think they can hide their belongings. and unfortunately, a lot of times the people who per per at any rate the claim persist. >> they are watching. and new security system. >> the homeowner's association spent $40,000 for new alarms and 13 camerases. >> it could pay off. >> it captures an image of the man who freak inful and went to the stair well with a handsful of stolen itemsful many of the residents of the condo complex report items sewingen in the garage as well. >> anyone who recognizes the suspect or see anything suspicious to call police.
8:50 am
time now is 8:50. a rescue that happened this morning. of a man literally stuck between two walls. >> we have the individual yes and we know why he is in a jam now. ♪ fortunately with hamburger helper's 40 varieties a home-cooked meal is never out of reach. hamburger helper. help is the way. there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
8:51 am
but honestly... it's not that hard. try resolve easy clean to deep clean your carpets.
8:52 am
just 3 easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. it removes 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. . we have a suspect in a
8:53 am
tight spot between two buildings. >> he became trapped in the san jose silver creek plaza s we are live now to explain why he was trying to hide. janine. >> tori, the police say he was trapped between the orchard supply hardware store and the indian market. and it is an 18 inch gap. >> it was like being trapped in a chimney. >> they believe he was being chased by the high cell. and then he crashes his contractor. >> and crimed on top of the roof to made p. >> this is exclusive individual yes. and they used a rope to pull him up by his wrists and he was trapped between the two buildings. >> he handed on his feet and could barely move. he called police with a he cellphone. that they thought was tonefy.
8:54 am
>> he was trying to run from two people with knives and he admitted. >> yes, i was part of that accident and just trying to get away. >> police made the connection that corona was the driver that chp 90 minutes to finally rescue core reason no. napa valley. >> and error kona is now at the hospital. >> we have learned from best. >> that he had a war warned for a suspected license. >> as soon as he is released from the hospital. he will be arrested for hit and run and evading police. >> janine delainvestigate go: our time is -- delavega. >> they want the police to investigate the death after new york woman who died more than 19 years ago. >> the victim is a former
8:55 am
girlfriend of gary swirsky. >> he was sentenced to 25 year it is to life in santa clara life. >> for hilling his ex wire. >> he strangled his wife. and dumped her body in the santa crust mountains. >> and her death was ruled as ininvestigaters say this. authorities with the santa cruz animal county shelter say a grayian white pit bulldog was tied to a mark are. >> no identification tags. no mike crow chips and clearly abandoned. and if you look at the tissues. >> call the animal shelter. >> want to check in one more
8:56 am
time with tara. >> something is happening with the dumwart ton bridge. >> -- dum barton bridge. >> it is like this much of the morning. >> towards highway 17. stop and go. and its in fremont. >> southbound toward san jose. is and also slow he going. >> no accidents to report her. just a lot of traffic, folks. and highway 234 in lafayette. take a hook. >> you have got a bit of back up. as you make your way. >> tara, thank you. >> little bit of thundershower activity. >> but, there is still towards san jose. and east and decrease in the next 24 thundershowers. >> and one more day.
8:57 am
>> we are getting into september. >> just came out. looks like a weak he will nina is developing. not strong. >> that means. >> it means we get more lane. and we can only hope it is strong. >> for heavy rain over the wind winter and so far it is week. >> we want to look at the dow. and it is up two 36 pounds points. mainly bus of news that came out this morninging because from the european natural bank. >> they will help east the debt crisis. >> that's a report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu of news. >> join us today. big day at the children's hospital.
8:58 am
8:59 am
hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. this is "right this minute," and we have videos first. they wanted close shots of lightning on camera, but these dudes got up real close. find out why the real shocker is what they were doing just seconds before. he's a beautiful newborn with a rare condition. and now --

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